EBSPro Mobile
for iPhone
2013 JMSoftware.net
EBSPro Mobile is now available in the Apple App Store!
About EBSPro Mobile for iPhone...........
EBSPro Mobile for iPhone is the iPhone client for the Easy Blind Scan Pro software.  EBSPro is licenses and supported by CJCR-Software
I licensed version of EBSPro Mobile is required in order to use the iPhone Client.
EBSPro Mobile is capable of managing the EBSPro Server over Wi-Fi, Cellular and VPN networks*.
*Always use caution when using continuous moving dish mode.  Due to some instability of wireless networks, connection failures may occur which can disconnect the client from the server rendering the app unable to stop the dish motor.  Always have hardware and/or software limits set on your dish to prevent possible damage to you dish in the event of communication failures.